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From Downton to Downtown

Bridie is 8ft tall and dances with her cake-laden 7ft tea trolley to the tunes of Dean Martin & Tom Jones, and when you lest expect it a bit of pop & rock thrown in. She’s very funny, is popular with people of all ages and never fails to go down a storm.

Bridie has served tea in the highest of places, from evening events at Althorpe House for Earl Spencer, an afternoon tea party for Twinings at Highclere Castle, the Madjeski Stadium for the Hieneken Rugby Cup, the MerseySide River Festival, Jools Holland Hootenanny, your local High St or Summer Fete.

Bridie thinks everyone's a VIP so why not invite her to have a good old gossip with you!

NB. In addition to her own music if pre-arranged Bridie can play music to your taste or adapt what’s on her trolley to suit your event.


Carmen Rollas & Herman Seetas

“World Champion Salsa Dancers on Stilts” … Hello Magazine

They spin and twirl as they astound you with their high kicks, crazy humour and infectious personalities. Salsa beats ring out from their specialised portable sound system as these ballroom dancers hit the floor!

This act has been enthusiastically received at evening events, daytime soirees and carnival. From the 02 Arena to the Abu Dhabi Flower Festival. Get some “Strictly” Fever near you.


Meet the Squirrels....

Cheryl and Cyril Squirrel are two red heads who scamper, dance, cause mischief, are always on the lookout for something to hoard. To everyone's amusement Cheryl reveals what squirrels really keep in their handbags, discusses her family tree and shares the family album.

Meanwhile Cyril is trying hard to grow a moustache and also trying very hard to avoid Cheryl.

These comedic Squirrels are furry, interactive, musical, very lively, have a great line in chitter chatter and bring lots of fun to festivals, functions, shopping malls, forests, fairy rings and dreys.

The act is suitable for poeple of all ages and can be booked as walkabout or is perfect as a corporate meet and greet "anyone for nuts?"

Cheryl (Sciurus vulgaris) originates from Galloway Forest Park

Cyril (Sciurus vulgaris) originates from The Isle of Wight, Caravan Park


"Cheryl is about to burst into song ...cover your ears" Cyril Squirrel

"Cyril does my tail look big in this?" Cheryl Squirrel, backstage at the Bar Pecan


Comedy Fortune-teller and Psychic to the Stars

Havana welcomes you to her table as friends & colleagues look on. Gifted Havana talks in tongues, reads tea leaves, views her crystal ball and consults “Take a Break” for your stars.

Have a game of snap with Havana, have your future pets predicted and walk away safe in the knowledge that you’re none the wiser…With improvisation, comedy and real charm this totally unique act turns fortune–telling on it’s head.


“Normally your fortune is on a one to one, but with Havana Clue it becomes a really funny spectator sport” David, The Prince’s Trust Charity Ball

“I laughed so much my glasses steamed up” Cheryl, Leeds

“Havana has always been on another planet” her Grandmother, Transylvania


With Sir Walter Raleigh or Sir Frances Drake, Royalty, Scandal, Intrigue!

Meet Elizabeth the First, our noble monarch handsome & towering in her striking regalia.

Accompanied by either the somewhat overshadowed & henpecked Sir Walter Raleigh or the bowls playing & flustered Sir Francis Drake.

This contrasting comic duo is more Blackadder than RSC, as Elizabeth reigns, Sir Walter, well - he rediscovers the potato and Sir Francis tries to conquers Spain if only he knew where it was.

So - may her majesty knight thee… Practice thy best bow, polish up thy curtsey and prepare to lose thy head. A fair even is to be had by all, so let the games begin!

From Shakespeare’s Globe to Elton John's White Tie & Tiara Ball, The Virgin Queen and her faithful servant are always well received.


Lawd above me old china!

She’s a 1950’s London gal through & through our Alice lives in a candy coloured world. With ginger beehive, pins what go on forever, not forgetting her pink and fluffy little dog “Regina”

50’s music blares from her wireless, as she takes us for a trip down memory lane into bygone days of jiving, bobby socks & and too much hairspray…

Rock around the clock with Alice and learn the mash potato, Maryland jive, and the jitterbug stroll in her impromptu dance lessons.

She’s London’s answer to Sandy & Rizzo, Grease is the word, innit?


It’s howling a gale, but only in the world of the Wind People.

In this beautiful promenade piece four characters appear to have been caught in a storm. Regardless of the weather in your world they have permanently windswept hair, clothes, and even expressions.

The piece begins with the Wind People standing statue like as if frozen in time as sounds of gales and foghorns holler around them. Gradually they begin to move and perform short choreographed vignettes whilst moving through their audience. As the wind gets up they intermittently resort to hanging on for grim life to anything stationary such as lampposts, street furniture, shopping baskets and even unsuspecting passers-by for fear of being blown away. Children especially try to pull them to safety and have been known to form lines just like in the story of the “Giant Turnip”!

This physical theatre piece is visually mesmerizing, funny and will make people think twice the next time they pray for fine weather; The Wind People have no choice.

This act has been seen blowing down streets throughout the UK; Brighton Festival, Clacton Big Day Out, The Merseyside River festival, Edinburgh Castle for JK Rowling (Harry Potter), The Tate Modern, London and internationally at the Athens Winter Wonderland Festival, Greece; The Bergen International Festival; The Lauwre Festival, Belgium. They could be in a street near you


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