Get up close and personal with wise Havana. Comedy Fortune-teller and Psychic to the Stars

Havana welcomes you to her table as friends & colleagues look on. Gifted Havana talks in tongues, reads tealeaves, views her crystal ball and consults “Take a Break” for your stars.

Have a game of snap with Havana, have your future pets predicted and walk away safe in the knowledge that you’re none the wiser…

With improvisation, comedy and real charm this totally unique act turns fortune–telling on it’s head.


“Normally your fortune is on a one to one, but with Havana Clue it becomes a really funny spectator sport”
David, The Prince’s Trust Charity Ball

 “I laughed so much my glasses steamed up”  Cheryl, Leeds

“Havana has always been on another planet”  her Grandmother, Transylvania

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