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Lawd above me old china!

She’s a 1950’s London gal through & through our Alice lives in a candy coloured world. With ginger beehive, pins what go on forever, not forgetting her pink and fluffy little dog “Regina”

50’s music blares from her wireless, as she takes us for a trip down memory lane into bygone days of jiving, bobby socks & and too much hairspray…

Rock around the clock with Alice and learn the mash potato, Maryland jive, and the jitterbug stroll in her impromptu dance lessons.

She’s London’s answer to Sandy & Rizzo, Grease is the word, innit?

This character is stunning, seductive and just loves mingling with earthlings.

Although she hasn’t quite mastered the English language she amuses, bequiles and has without doubt an hypnotic effect on everyone.

Since arriving on this planet she has visited a number of events from launching the Toyota Yaris to making an appearance at the Royal Albert Hall.

Queen Dola comes from the planet Zog, she is witch like and does not suffer fools gladly, beware!!

Luckily however she does have a softer side and has even been known to converse with children. In fact much to her annoyance humans just can’t get enough of her.

Dola has spooked out people young and old at cyber parties, goulish nights and Halloween

You’ve been warned!

The tree is an elegant spirit of the forest with bird song emanating from her branches.

This act is interactive, has a great line in chat, is perfect for meet and greet or walkabout and has performed in a variety of venues from the National Forest Festival, England to the Al Ain Flower festival in Abu Dhabi.

The tree is available on her own or with up to two others, with or without the gardener.


Adorned with hearts and roses the Pink Lady, is just perfect for those extra sweet parties, romantic evenings and especially Valentines.

This act is interactive, visually stunning and has performed at Xscape Valentines weekend and Tickled Pink at The Albert Hall, The Grosvenor Hotel and private parties.

“It’s a marshmallow world!”


These characters were commissioned By Virgin Atlantic for their 25 year Birthday at Heathrow.

Since then, these comical characters Belinda Branson (No relative) and her colleague Yvonne have worked for the Virgin Atlantic inaugural flights from various aiports in the UK to Las Vegas  and the Domestic service Little Red from London to Edinburgh.

(Unfortunately this act is unavailable for booking )

If you would like to commission a specific act do get in touch as Rintintin are always happy to work to your remit and create something unique that will suit your needs.

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