The Wind People

It’s howling a gale, but only in the world of the Wind People.
In this beautiful promenade piece four characters appear to have been caught in a storm. Regardless of the weather in your world they have permanently windswept hair, clothes, and even expressions.

The piece begins with the Wind People standing statue like as if frozen in time as sounds of gales and foghorns holler around them. Gradually they begin to move and perform short choreographed vignettes whilst moving through their audience. As the wind gets up they intermittently resort to hanging on for grim life to anything stationary such as lampposts, street furniture, shopping baskets and even unsuspecting passers-by for fear of being blown away. Children especially try to pull them to safety and have been known to form lines just like in the story of the “Giant Turnip”!

This physical theatre piece is visually mesmerizing, funny and will make people think twice the next time they pray for fine weather; The Wind People have no choice.

This act has been seen blowing down streets throughout the UK; Brighton Festival, Clacton Big Day Out, The Merseyside River festival, Edinburgh Castle for JK Rowling (Harry Potter), The Tate Modern, London and internationally at the Athens Winter Wonderland Festival, Greece; The Bergen International Festival; The Lauwre Festival ,Belgium, They could be in a street near you
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